Nothing beats the comfort of home, especially for those who suffer from certain illness or disabilities. Caress Home Health Care Inc. knows this for a fact after years of providing high quality home health care to residents in Skokie, Illinois.


The mental peace and physical comfort provided by one’s home promote an overall sense of well-being. Many patients appear to recover faster when being cared for at home, by loved ones. A simple touch by someone who genuinely cares can be a caress that lifts the spirit.

This is why Caress Home Health Care Inc. believes that home health care is better in many ways than institutional care.

At Caress Home Health Care, we provide a holistic approach to home health care through our highly efficient yet caring medical professionals. The quality of our service has raised us to the top 500 Home Care Elite in 2008.

We are a full head above the rest in the industry because we deliver high quality nursing care and health services with dedication, commitment, passion and genuine concern for the well-being of our patients. At Caress Home Health Care, we treat as professionals but care like family.